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About us

Cleanliness and order in the house - an important attribute of modern life. The abundance of various colors, styles and patterns of tissue and sometimes pose a challenge the master clear personal effects from the various pollutants. Washing at home is not always easy, taking a lot of time and effort, and creating an additional risk of losing the original look of different tissues. The most expedient in the modern world an exit – to use professional services of the dry-cleaner which employees have training special information preparation in the professional centers and their activity are regularly checked by sanitary and ecological services.

The basic advantages of the company «Dr. Cleaner»:

Using of the advanced technical equipment and chemical means;
  • the big spectrum of services, among which aqua-cleaning, dry cleaning, a dry-cleaner of textiles, service of an ironing, delivery and many other things.
  • possibility to make online the order, in advance having learned its cost and having chosen convenient time of delivery;
  • flexible system of discounts for regular customers;
  • professionalism of the employees, allowing guaranteeing the maximum quality and service;
  • Efficiency of performance of each order.