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Under the data given by the European committee of processing of textiles, european consumers realize responsibility for solicitous attitude to environment. As an example to that that fact is resulted that a considerable quantity from them meaningly doesn't use professional dry-cleaners considering that the dry-cleaner is more dangerous in comparison with house washing. For that proof that it no more, than a bias. The international center of research of textiles from Institute Hohenstein (Germany) has decided to carry out the comparative analysis of these two methods of processing. Results of the analysis have shown, what exactly the professional dry-cleaner is the most safe method in relation to environment. The water consumption of the household washing machine considerably exceeds water consumption of the car of a dry-cleaner: on the average on one cycle of washing 30 liters of water on 1 kg of products leave. As to emissions in sewage 59 gram of washing and rinsing means pours out.

To professional dry-cleaner, for processing of products of 1 kg is required all only 0,8 liters of water. And it on the whole 97 % is less, than in a case with the house washing machine. Besides, in each cycle of cleaning it is used on 89 % of less cleaners as enough 12 г the amplifier. Besides, dry-cleaners, unlike consumers, have the specialized literature, have training special information preparation in the professional centers and are regularly checked by sanitary and ecological services.

However, you can draw conclusions.