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Hotel laundry

Clean and fresh linen– the important factor of house hygiene, after all towels, cloths and bed-sheets it is necessary to change pure and fresh linen in process of pollution, sometimes every day. But each mistress knows that washing of linen it very much labor-intensive process which occupies a lot of time and sometimes demands physical strength if to do it manually. Linen washing will help you to save time and forces.

The company «Dr. Cleaner» offers the clients of service of individual washing, considering all wishes for each handed over complete set of linen. Thus, you can be assured that in the washing machine your things are put only, and after washing all linen will be carefully ironed and faultlessly combined. The shaped linen is ironed manually.

At washing of linen by experts of the company «Dr. Cleaner» oxygen bleaches and alkali neutralizers are used that essentially prolongs life of the linen entrusted us. At washing of restaurant cloths and napkins it is possible preliminary deducing of stains.