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Our technologies

At all kinds of washing in the company «Dr. Cleaner» the most qualitative chemical means of Italian factory Alberti Angelo (Alberti Anzhelo) - the leading Italian manufacturer of chemical production for dry-cleaners, laundries, the clothing industry, quality ISО certificated by the international certificate are used.

The firm «Alberti Angelo» one of the first has developed and has begun introduction of technology of aqua-cleaning and skin and textiles aqua-painting. This technology is based on a principle of the minimum mechanical influence on a product and the maximum ecological safety in relation to environment and in relation to health of workers of a dry-cleaner and consumers. Products from suede and дубленой the skin processed on technology of akva-painting, receive equal and homogeneous color, become soft to the touch and don't give усадки. Direct contact of the worker to chemical preparations and dyes is shown to a minimum: products are processed and painted in one car.

Thanks to the high quality standards and participation in a number of the international conferences, the company «Alberti Angelo» has received ISO 9001 (2000) in a category «Manufacture of chemical substances on skin and textiles restoration» and has deserved the European certificate of quality in sphere of the chemical industry.

Technologies of a dry-cleaner, aqua-cleaning, dyeing for dry-cleaners and laundries «Alberti Angelo» include means for:

  • Especially delicate products (wedding dresses, silk, cashmere, wool, etc.);
  • Gardinno-tulle products;
  • Delicate products from natural fabrics;
  • Down-padded coats, woolen and down blankets;
  • Jeans products;
  • Man's shirts;
  • Leather velour groups (suede products);
  • Products from a smooth and suede skin;
  • Dry-cleaners of textiles and leather products;
  • Finishing processing of the smooth skin, open types of skin;

Dyeing of textiles and aqua-painting of products of suede group