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Textile cleaning

Cleaning of such products from textiles as curtains and carpets, often are put before owners by variety of problems which are difficult for solving in house conditions. House ways and methods of processing of products not always allow to give to clothes a primordial form. And in cases with outer clothing (a coat, jackets, down-padded coats, etc.) not to do without the professional help.

All recommendations about care of products in which combinations of various colors are used, fabrics, materials and accessories, are usually reduced to such councils as «Address in specialized cleaning». As difficult independently to look after wedding and evening dresses which are sewed from such fabrics, as natural silk, brocade, an organza, a taffeta. Besides, they can be decorated by beads, пайетками or pastes. Don't experiment such products independently, and trust in skilled experts.

The company «Dr. Cleaner» offers the clients dry cleaning in a perchloroethylene, sparing akva-cleaning, and for exclusive products special leaving: delicate cleaning, keeping such properties of a fabric and a skin, as softness, color and shine.