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Water cleaning

The company «Dr. Cleaner» provides additional quality of given services, using technology of aqua-cleaning which is based on use of special washing-up liquids and a hardware operated the computer, for control over temperature, a quantity of water, time of cleaning and frequency of rotation of a drum during time wringing, allowing to choose an individual mode for each type of products.

Things to which damp cleaning is applied, name "delicate" and use of certain chemical means is unacceptable for the majority of them. Process of damp washing of such things in water with application of various preparations allows to clear things of a pollutant, to protect thin fibers of a fabric from actions of water and to return them the properties lost during operation. Aqua-cleaning is characterized by that, as approaches for fabrics of synthetic, mixed and some kinds of a natural fabric.

One more advantage of aqua-cleaning, in comparison with other methods of processing of products – ecological safety of process as at it the products which are not harming to environment are used only. Aqua-cleaning at which biodecomposed washing-up liquids are used, doesn't leave a smell from chemicals, therefore it is safe not only for people, but also for environment.